about us

clear, transparent and critical
that’s important

iunxi was founded in 2005 with the idea to focus entirely on technological challenges and where customers could expect fair treatment. Clear, transparent and critical. Not only because it is common courtesy, but mainly because we think it is really important. We are technicians, driven by the creative development and implementation of innovative solutions. In the meantime, iunxi has grown from a club of engineering enthusiasts to a solid company with equally enthusiastic employees who all propagate our basic idea. Enjoying your work because you believe in what you do.

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the iunxi way

A comprehensive and effective approach.
This concerns technology, network expertise and 24x7 management.

our quality

We only deliver quality we are proud of

Stefan Baltus

“iunxi literally means “I have connected”. Not only is this reflected in the delivery of Serious ICT Infrastructures, but also in a committed team. We naturally find each other in technology, but also in our commitment to each other. We research and test new technologies; what works best for a particular customer. iunxi provides tailor-made solutions, we don’t work on automatic pilot. This way, we challenge ourselves to be critical when looking for the best solution. That enthusiasm is in our DNA and we often continue where others stop. This responsibility binds iunxi employees together.”

Marcel Knol

“I’m genuinely proud that iunxi has always remained close to its original ambition. Technology as our driving force and an approach that’s inventive and innovative. Our professionals should be proud of their work and enjoy what they do. After all, satisfied employees are the basis for satisfied customers. We encourage our employees to continue to develop, professionally, as well as personally. Developing together ensures qualitative growth of the entire organisation. That’s the core of iunxi: aiming for the best result, together.”


our core values





expert : you will find the real network specialists at iunxi

Nothing more and nothing less. Our focus is entirely on network infrastructures. Exactly the reason why we are also regularly called in by fellow ICT service providers.

reliable : you can rely on us and our solutions

iunxi provides secure and guaranteed network infrastructures. Whether you leave all or part of your network to us, you can rely on our attention to detail and quality. That is our agreement with you.

innovative : we don’t do standard

We realise a future-oriented solution with a combination of innovative technologies. We draw from the latest developments and our knowledge is up to date. iunxi meets and exceeds your expectations.

focused : results count

No fuss; we advise what suits you best. We put your interests first, technically as well as financially. This truly makes us your technical conscience.

  • Incorporation of iunxi

  • iunxi expands its network to include Datacentre Global Switch

  • Our international footprint starts in Sweden and Spain, among others
    iunxi’s network strategy, resulting in Best-in-Class infrastructures, is a fact

  • Incorporation of KickXL
    the network strategy is further shaped by iunxi’s own fibre optic ring along various data centres in Amsterdam

  • iunxi launches MIND
    The exclusive Business Management & Support System used by some customers and by iunxi itself

  • Relocation to the current building
    Radioweg 3 in Almere-Stad ready for further growth!

  • Record number of new networks connected
    Expansion to 3 data centres

  • ISO 27001 in the pocket!
    iunxi applies international standards for the security of infrastructures and for information security and privacy

  • Best-in-Class corporate networks are expanding into Germany and France
    Collaboration with Deutsche Telecom is a fact

  • GZN quality mark awarded by Vereniging Zorgaanbieders and iunxi has been admitted to the MANRS initiative

  • COVID-19 emphasizes the importance of ICT. Everyone had to work from home. iunxi made the difference by guaranteeing availability and security for its customers

  • iunxi Academy is founded,
    sharing knowledge is important to us