how does iunxi make the difference?

our approach and our international digital footprint
customers benefit from the added value of iunxi

take advantage of the international iunxi network:

  • flexibility: we respond quickly and understand the importance of your corporate network.
  • speed: all connections and technical know-how can be found at iunxi.
  • availability: our extensive network ensures maximum availability.
  • capacity: opening a new branch? chances are that iunxi has already mapped out the paths for you.

the iunxi way

for high performance & infrastructural excellence

iunxi is one of few parties in the market with an absolute focus on innovative corporate networks. A maximum available infrastructure is realised through smart technology, a high-quality network and the right expertise. The iunxi way includes our Best-in-Class networks and our Managed Services. That way, we offer a unique infrastructural approach combined with a fully managed environment in which we are responsible for all connections, hardware, services and support. The integration of data centre and cloud solutions is also part of this. With this approach we guarantee speed, availability and capacity. Offering you a single point of contact enables us to maintain complete control over the entire infrastructure. We are second to none in responding quickly in the event of unforeseen issues or to get a new network off the ground quickly. This way, we take over the responsibility that the management of a modern ICT environment requires of you. With that, you’ll always receive honest and objective advice from us, perhaps not the kind you had expected yourself. iunxi is simply driven by technology and combines this with an inventive approach. That is the iunxi way. The result? High availability & High performance.

Best-in-Class networks

international corporate networks with high availability

The iunxi Best-in-Class networks are the result of our strategic infrastructure approach. We’ve got a unique position in the market when it comes to setting up and managing corporate networks. Our network strategy is designed to allow customers to take advantage of iunxi’s footprint; our international service provider network. This consists of various fibre optic rings along various data centres in Europe and strategic transit connections. In addition to fixed agreements with the main carriers, this strategy also involves the use of smart technology. The best route and solution for the customer is chosen out of all of these things. This allows us to offer the high quality that does justice to the importance of a corporate network for modern companies. It’s all about flexibility, speed, availability and capacity. We supply high-available network connections based on fibre optics, DSL, fibre optics or other technologies. The choice as to how a corporate network is set up depends on the objectives of our customer, but he’ll always take advantage of the valuable international iunxi networks. In other words, we give you Best-in-Class. This produces an infrastructure that you can rely on blindly and that you don’t have to worry about yourself.

We offer you:

  • international service provider network
  • independence from carriers
  • the most suitable technology

“We’ve got a unique position in the market when it comes to setting up ICT infrastructures. iunxi’s international service provider network consists of a number of fibre optic rings placed alongside various data centres in Europe, strategic transit connections and fixed arrangements with the main carriers. Our customers benefit from our international footprint straight away. From our Managed Services department, we are responsible for all hardware, software and connections, which enables us to maintain complete control over the entire infrastructure. We are second to none in responding quickly to get a new network off the ground quickly. We refer to this as the ‘iunxi way’ and this enables us to guarantee maximum availability, or High Quality and High Availability.”

Marcel Knol

managing director of iunxi