business network service provider

iunxi offers global service

iunxi as a business network service provider

Since 2006, iunxi has been an independent network service provider. In addition to our managed services and infrastructure management services, being a business network service provider is an important differentiator of iunxi. We have independently designed and implemented this network. It is fully owned and managed by iunxi, which makes it a unique link in the innovative and high-quality service that iunxi is known for.

global service

In terms of design and implementation, iunxi’s service provider network is a match for the networks of other important players in the market. We have our own Points of Presence (POP) locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, which are each connected to the iunxi fibre optic core network. The network is designed for maximum availability and redundancy, low latency, flexibility and optimum security. It offers the possibility to connect a large number of network access providers. This allows us to provide our customers with layer-2 and layer-3 services in Europe and beyond; not only in data centre locations, but also at any other location across the globe.

the best possible preparation for the future through control, protection and scalability.

The iunxi service provider network is optimally connected to the outside world by means of various Internet transit and Internet peering connections, so that we also offer maximum control and quality on Internet connectivity and applications. At the same time, iunxi offers 24/7 DDoS protection through a layered model of prevention, detection and mitigation.

This service provider network is IPv4 and IPv6-ready and is optimally prepared for the future. In contrast with other providers, the ratio on our network between required and maximum capacity available has been scaled up to the extent that delays and congestion don’t occur. Especially for business real-time solutions, this makes the difference between an optimally functioning high-quality network and a “regular network”. The network is also designed to be scalable so that rapid expansion is always possible.

iunxi customers get added value that they do not find with other it partners

By having full control and management of the data communication from the end location at the customer, via data centres here in the Netherlands and abroad to the Internet and public cloud; iunxi is able to provide its services quickly and adequately. In the event of incidents, we can act immediately to minimise the impact on the service. This control also enables us to provide smart fail-over solutions that further increase the availability of the infrastructure.

Because we carry out the control and management for the transmission of data traffic ourselves, we can influence traffic flows and tailor them to the needs of the customer. We also support the search and resolution of network issues that customers experience in their applications or other applications.

serious ict infrastructure

Designing, implementing and managing a sophisticated service provider network, in combination with iunxi’s proven high-quality services and personal approach means that iunxi holds a unique position in the market. Ultimately, our customer benefits from this; after all, he will get an infrastructure in which he can have blind trust and which he does not have to worry about.

“We call ourselves ‘the technical conscience’ and that responsibility fits us like a glove. This sometimes means that we hold up a mirror to the customer and that we start looking at an issue in a different way, together. Whether it is a relatively basic environment of an average SME or a complex and demanding international environment. Thanks to our exclusive network focus and because we continue to develop in this area, we deliver smart and innovative solutions and manage to combine different technologies at a European level. We full-well understand that not every organisation has this specialist knowledge and therefore we support your own IT staff 24x7. This allows them to focus on day-to-day, operational matters and innovations. Leave the ICT infrastructure to us.”

Stefan Baltus

managing director of iunxi