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ISO 27001 certification

In our partnership with you, we consider ourselves an indispensable link: after all, iunxi assumes the responsibility of your corporate network. iunxi stands for quality and is ISO 27001 certified. This confirms that we control information processes and that we safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business-critical information according to international standards. We apply strict processes and procedures to ensure the correct security level, as well as efficiency and continuity in the services we provide. This applies to the work we perform for you, but our internal procedures meet strict ISO standards as well. The certification is in line with our aim to monitor the quality of our services and improve these where necessary. And that in turn ties in with the trust you place in us.

my.iunxi – your customer portal

iunxi considers a transparent working method important. Not only in terms of the advice we give, but also in the way we work together. A few years ago, to give our customers clear insight into what we do and what actions are being taken, iunxi developed its own customer portal ‘my.iunxi’ within its own CRM system, called MIND. This portal provides real-time insight into current matters and their handling. All information about our projects and efforts can be found in this system. We register what will happen and this system tells us who at our customer is responsible and authorised to place orders. We have added different security levels to the system. Security is an important part of our work. Not only is security about the actual protection of data, but also about the trust that the customer places in us. The my.iunxi Portal is a secure way of exchanging data with our customer.

software team – for creative solutions

A passion for technology and innovation, at iunxi we have our own dedicated software team. The software team developed our business management system MIND. MIND helps with the management of customers, services and products. MIND manages the customer database, prepares invoices and handles the delivery processes with suppliers. In addition, MIND supports the business processes and procedures through a customer ticketing system, inventory registration, a knowledge base and document management system. If our customers need an additional form of service from the system, our developers know how to respond to this innovatively by making specific adjustments to our system. This way, iunxi can keep up with the fast pace of technological developments and requirements.

TEST-LAB – no automatic pilot, iunxi provides customisation

iunxi uses high-quality, modern equipment and technologies. Our lab is therefore frequently used by our engineers and by interns during their learning projects. This allows us to extensively test solutions prior to being implemented in the customer environment or being sent to the data centre. Our employees also use the lab to try out and experiment with new technologies. This challenges the knowledge and creativity of our specialists.