mutual trust and respect

Technology is in our DNA and through this, iunxi has built up decades of experience and high-quality expertise. For this reason, iunxi is frequently called upon by other ICT providers. We often approach the end customer together but sometimes, we also act as a subcontractor. This can both involve the deployment of staff and the provision of services. Depending on the situation, it is clearly determined in advance who bears ultimate responsibility. Whatever its form, a partnership with iunxi is always based on mutual trust and respect, in which the best result for the customer is decisive.


Solvinity develops innovative customer-oriented solutions and offers companies with high security demands secure access to the private, public and hybrid cloud. “More than 250 Solvinity staff are passionately committed to ensuring that our customers’ businesses continue to run 24×7 and that they can keep up with every change in the world. To achieve this, it is important that we can rely on our partners and that we are assured of the same customer-oriented approach. We work on innovative customer projects together with iunxi specialists”- Jeroen van der Meer, CTO of Solvinity

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Proact IT Group is an independent European data centre and cloud services provider that employs over 800 staff globally. The digital transformation means that customers are increasingly demanding attention for business continuity risks. For example, Proact has provided many disaster recovery services in the past year and the demand for security services is increasing. Proact works with various partners including various data centre suppliers in different countries, as well as connection suppliers. Proact expects them to think along, to be sincere and to keep their agreements. iunxi is such a partner. The explicit knowledge iunxi has about infrastructures is unique, they always know how to come up with a solution. Both Proact and iunxi know that they can rely on each other; it’s about integrity, commitment and quality. The expertise of either complements each other perfectly.

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