iunxi Academy

why fit in, when you can stand out?

Welcome to iunxi Academy; the internal education platform of iunxi. We are techies and we are finding innovative solutions is what drives us. We are a select team; we conceive and implement complex corporate networks. Regular courses and training usually do not offer the right kind of knowledge that we need for the corporate ICT environments that we work on. That is why iunxi Academy offers training courses to (new) colleagues, most of which we have developed ourselves. This is how we share our expertise with each other. Primarily technical knowledge, but we also devote attention to other disciplines. Combined hard & human skills, after all, determine who we are.

“I take real pride in the fact that iunxi has always stayed close to its original ambitions. Technology as the driving force and an approach that is inventive and innovative. With professionals who are proud of their work and enjoy what they do. We encourage our employees to develop themselves, not only in terms of their professional skills but also with respect to their personal ambitions. When you develop yourselves together, the whole organisation grows as well. That is at the core of iunxi Academy.”

- Marcel, managing director iunxi

everyone has the potential to grow

This can be done in a professional environment in which you live up to your potential and are given opportunities. We have developed our own training courses. These involve personal training sessions, online tools and reference books. We also teach technical skills with the help of test set-ups and practical sessions in our own testlab.

When we say that everyone has the potential to grow, then this holds true for all of our colleagues and we are not just focused on ICT training either. For other professional fields, there is plenty of scope to take external training courses and, whenever it’s called for, we hire a trainer to help us with our skills. It’s a conducive environment for growing and having fun.

To accomplish this, iunxi employees can count on:

an innovative environment

An in-house test lab to learn in and do research.
Access to online tools and resources.

team spirit; learning together with and from each other

We work together on the basis of structured departments:
DevOps - NetOps - SysOps.
You are always welcome to contribute your own ideas.

an opportunity-rich environment; manage your own growth

Be surrounded by colleagues who have a high level of knowledge.
Develop yourself further and determine your own growth.

having fun

We use a 3D printer to learn this technique.
We don’t work on autopilot.
Innovation trips outside the ICT field.

“I know better than anyone how much fun it is to be able to keep on developing yourself. I also started out as an intern and over the years have developed into the professional I am today. It’s great that I can now help shape iunxi Academy and use my experience to do that. By providing internal training and doing assessments, we can see who has what talents and help them develop these even further. Sometimes someone is actually surprised at how much knowledge they already have. Then it’s great to see that this motivates colleagues even more.”

- Peter, network engineer iunxi

for whom

No matter whether you are a starter or an experienced professional, we are always in the process of developing. This entails different levels of knowledge, but in the end, we are all constantly learning. Our team is carefully selected; after all, our people make the difference in what we do, and we are all growing together.
iunxi Academy focuses on:


What you learn during internships at iunxi Academy forms the foundation for the future that you can build on. Together with your iunxi mentor, you will get to work on assignments and gain experience.

You can’t compare it to school, you actually learn much faster..

new talents

As a starter or as someone returning to the workforce, iunxi Academy is there to help you grow in your professional field.

We offer further training and the opportunity to obtain certifications tailored to your level of expertise.

Justin, service desk engineer

the pro's

Working in a way that has impact and having a meaningful role to play - for your team and for the company. Being able to take responsibility yourself and see where you can use some extra knowledge.

Although I have plenty of experience, I learn each and every day.

Ferdy, senior network engineer