guaranteeing the taste of quality across the globe

iunxi’s flexibility supports the international growth of Bravilor Bonamat

Bravilor Bonamat is a leading manufacturer of various types of coffee and espresso machines and hot water equipment. A family business that has been trading for over 70 years. During this time, the company has grown from a wholesaler of catering products into a specialist, developer, manufacturer and supplier with international presence and ambitions. More than 450 employees work together worldwide from offices in Europe, the United States and through the extensive dealer network in more than 100 countries. Bravilor Bonamat is internationally known as one of the leading brands for filter and fully automatic coffee machines and is the market leader in this field in Europe. All these branches use the same ERP and CRM system, the basis of which is located at the head office in Heerhugowaard. iunxi is the ICT partner that ensures that all branches are connected to the head office network and that this network is guaranteed to be available. “The collaboration with iunxi runs smoothly in the background,” Jeroen Kok, IT Manager at Bravilor Bonamat, explains.

Bravilor Bonamat opts for quality

All Bravilor Bonamat equipment is made of high-quality materials. Our coffee machines are reliable and benefit from low energy consumption and long service lives. That’s the quality that we aim for. “We want to see that quality reflected throughout the organisation”. Kok: “Before iunxi, we used light lines and connections that were really only suitable for synchronising some e-mail. We were growing rapidly and therefore needed more and more bandwidth, also internationally. Our supplier back then only became more and more expensive. Given our ambitions, that was of course not ideal. I needed an ICT party that could deliver quality and grow with us, without us constantly being faced with financial surprises. After an exploratory meeting, it turned out that iunxi could deliver exactly what we needed and we immediately clicked.”

iunxi provides the VPN to which our locations in Europe and the US are connected

iunxi thought along with us, took over the entire service from the previous supplier and has been providing the VPN to which all our locations in Europe and the US are connected for years now. iunxi manages the routers and works closely with our own system administrators to keep everything up and running 24×7, making sure that all our branches can use the systems. iunxi ensures that the lines work and that they are and remain safe. To guarantee availability and continuity, the network is implemented on the basis of a triple redundancy concept.

partnership for the future

Kok: “We’ve been working with iunxi for over a decade now and have only been successful in expanding and optimising our network to date. iunxi is a company of real technicians. They speak my language, they know exactly what I mean. This sometimes involves some tough language. It’s good that both parties can say what needs to be said. The collaboration runs smoothly in the background. Precisely because our VPN is such an important part of what we do, it’s reassuring that I don’t have to think about it all the time, whilst knowing that it is taken care of. If the men at iunxi spot a problem, I can trust that they’ll notify me straight away so that we can take immediate action. Given the growth of Bravilor, it’s also good to know that iunxi as a supplier is very flexible. I simply call them and ask them to connect a new branch. They configure a modem and my branch is online. I don’t have to go there with a whole box of tools myself, they arrange it all for me. Knowing that I can always rely on iunxi is an important factor for Bravilor’s ambitions.”