healthcare providers must be able to access data 24x7

A reliable and secure network is an absolute requirement for Connect4Care

Connect4Care in Hoofddorp is a regional collaborative organisation that aims to introduce digital acceleration in healthcare. It develops and supports healthcare through communication and network services. In addition, it connects healthcare institutions via a CoLab, a regional platform for digital innovation. Finally, Connect4Care offers Internet, connectivity and services in the field of digital security. “I’m convinced that healthcare can only be more effective if we break through the complexity of matters through collaboration. Our projects focus on efficient communication and a secure digital transfer of information in healthcare. How can we support the patient/client through ICT? Our CoLab facilitates regional cooperation in the field of ICT within healthcare and enables fast and secure exchange of information”, Fredrik Knoeff, director of Connect4Care explains. Connect4Care supports care institutions from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd line.

maximum availability

The Connect4Care fibre optic network is a private network that is only accessible to affiliated healthcare organisations. The network has the capacity to transport large amounts of data quickly and securely. This is an essential condition for the privacy-sensitive data that is used in healthcare. Connect4Care is responsible for managing and operating the fibre optic network. Its central management has been outsourced to iunxi. The collaboration has been in place for a number of years now. Back then, iunxi advised on the redesign of the Connect4Care network and since 2011, iunxi has provided the technical management of all active network components, such as routers and switches. iunxi carries out the maintenance and takes care of the changes requested by the various participants. “This makes iunxi an important link in the continuity that we offer our members. To this end, the iunxi Service Desk can be contacted directly by the participating Connect4Care organisations. Effective management is very important as data must be available to healthcare providers 24×7. We’ve been enjoying 100% uptime for over a year now. Based on that statistic, it’s fair to say that iunxi is the right partner for us in every respect” Fredrik Knoeff confirms.

safe and reliable

In addition, Connect4Care benefits directly from iunxi’s network strategy within which iunxi has fixed agreements with various carriers and suppliers. By making use of iunxi’s footprint, every branch of a Connect4Care participant can be connected, even if that location cannot be directly linked to the fibre optic ring. “In those cases, iunxi makes agreements with the available carrier or supplier and Connect4Care maintains a single point of contact for all connectivity. This way, the network remains a closed and separate entity, so that the high performance AND security of the data that we transport via the network are guaranteed,” Fredrik Knoeff explains.



If a location is already connected via a network of a random Internet provider, it can be connected with the locations of the Connect4Care network via a managed VPN service by iunxi. “The secure VPN means that all data between the various locations can be shared via the public Internet, but just as secure and trusted as if it were an internal network. In addition, we can build an IP-VPN for secure communication between all care locations,” Stefan Baltus, managing director at iunxi explains. “That’s what we do at iunxi on a daily basis. Thanks to our full focus on corporate networks, we always come up with the right solution, whilst providing guaranteed availability in the process. We manage the ICT infrastructure for our customers, which can consist of any type of connection (including WAN, LAN and WiFi), hardware, services and support. For this, we’ve entered into favourable agreements with leading carriers and strategic peering locations, combined with our own dedicated team that boasts high-quality knowledge of modern network technology (MPLS, (DM) VPN, etc).”


solid partnership

A safe and properly functioning infrastructure is of the utmost importance for the Connect4Care participants. “It’s great that we can contribute to the success of Connect4Care”, Stefan Baltus concludes. Fredrik Knoeff first and foremost refers to iunxi as a partner who thinks along. “iunxi looks explicitly at the interests of the customer and not at its own commercial interests. That’s important. We want to increase effectiveness and reduce complexity so that the healthcare sector can make progress in the coming years. ICT provides for this by establishing a secure collaboration between the different parties, among other things. To achieve this, you need partners who keep agreements and give you critical advice. iunxi is such a technologically-driven organisation. The high-quality knowledge they have helps us to achieve our objective for healthcare”.

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