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Royal Reesink’s rapid growth requires a structured approach towards the IT infrastructure

Royal Reesink is one of the largest international distributors and is a service provider in the fields of high-quality machines, components and services for agriculture, landscape maintenance, internal transport, warehouse equipment, civil engineering and road and hydraulic engineering. With a powerful total concept for the entire life cycle of a machine; from the method of financing to optimal functioning and maintenance thereof. By responding to robotisation, engineering, connectivity, measurability and the use of big data, Royal Reesink is continuously looking for opportunities for innovation. In addition, Royal Reesink is convinced that scale and use of specialist knowledge are important requirements for a distributor in order to serve customers to the best of its ability. The company is growing rapidly at an international level and that demands a lot from the organisation and its employees. In its ambitions, ICT plays an important role to maintain control and overview.

Royal Reesink is a fast-growing international organisation

“Thanks to our merger and acquisition strategy, new companies have been taken over on a regular basis. It is of course great that we’re able to achieve extra growth in this way. However, every company has its own ICT systems, applications and (cloud) solutions. If you do not approach this smartly, the ICT within our group will no longer be manageable in the long term,” Remco Kruitbosch, shared services infrastructure manager at Royal Reesink, explains “Preventing a fragmented ICT landscape requires specialist network knowledge. Fortunately, we already had the necessary experience with iunxi and experience had taught us that we can rely on their advice. Thinking along and acknowledging the importance of Royal Reesink is very important to us in this phase.”

Royal Reesink mainly operates in the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Germany, England, Denmark, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Turkey and South Africa. “Our divisions and subsidiaries have a great deal of operational responsibility. This strengthens the innovative power and solution-oriented thinking within all layers of the organisation. To maintain an overview of our ambitions, we want to manage and control ICT from within the group. This way, not every subsidiary has to reinvent the wheel and it generates significant cost benefits at the same time. Many different solutions and suppliers are much more difficult to manage. Making adjustments in particular is a nightmare when it has to go through too many channels. We want to avoid such complexity, which is why our ICT had to be channelled along a single line.”

checking and optimising

Stefan Baltus, technical director of iunxi says: “We’ve created an infrastructure for Royal Reesink that is the same across all locations. That is not something you complete overnight. We started by making a site by site inventory per location, which involved more than 30 sites divided over different countries! This is how we mapped out the network and compiled a list of optimisations. iunxi then took over everything. The documentation that we draw up from the inventory serves as our source for the operational management and determines the next steps we will take. In such complex processes, it is important to first ensure you have insight and control of all components. Next, we proceed to optimise and consolidate the infrastructure. After that, we take care of the migration of equipment and connections and we, of course, optimise the IT security during such a process. The network offers options to move servers from the existing data centre to the new data centre, without renumbering IP and maintaining transparency. We are also tackling the migration of old Internet connections. Based on its experience and knowledge, iunxi is in a much better position to liaise with existing network suppliers and/or service providers than our customers usually can.”

collaboration with mutual respect

It was an intensive and long process. Everything had to be carefully considered, with due care and minimal downtime. “After all, the shop had to remain open during the renovation process,” Stefan explains. “This requires close cooperation and mutual trust. Here at iunxi, we maintain short lines of communication and are flexible. Only then can you achieve a lot for the customer and get the best result from a complex situation.”

“You can expect to come across many unknown things, the application area to mention one,” Remco continues. “Of course, it’s important to address unexpected issues and to suggest the right solutions. Another big advantage for us in the collaboration with iunxi is that, as a service provider, they can provide the network as a service. iunxi is able to take over the management of our existing infrastructure and make it manageable again. This know-how really is of decisive importance to us and is necessary for the further growth of Royal Reesink. Because we’re now completely in control, making adjustments is less complicated and new locations can be integrated more easily. We’ve got a single point of contact for our WAN, LAN and network security.”

flexible growth and consolidation of networks

Royal Reesink’s growth through acquisitions and organic growth is set to continue for a while. “We’re an innovative company and a leading international distributor and service provider. Lots of dynamics and quite hectic at times. iunxi has really proven to be a reliable and service-oriented partner to us. The collaboration and contribution of their specialist technical knowledge have helped Royal Reesink a lot. Future new locations can link up easily now and that will support our further growth. Our own IT team can rely on iunxi’s network knowledge and we know that the management of our systems is in reliable hands,” Remco Kruitbosch concludes. Stefan confirms: “These types of processes are also extremely intensive and challenging for iunxi. It’s very satisfying that we’ve managed to make a modern and workable whole from so much diversity within the initial ICT set-up.”

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