infrastructure management

optimisation, insight and control of your corporate networks

Many organisations struggle with their infrastructure management. Keeping all network, cloud and data centre components up and running requires specific knowledge that is not always available. Yet at the same time, a safe and reliable infrastructure is crucial. At iunxi, you’ll find the real network specialists who are happy to support your own IT staff. You indicate which part of your corporate network comes under our responsibility and whether you want to have any improvements made. If necessary, we’ll make an optimisation scan to detect bottlenecks and delay factors and to determine where the security of your network needs to be tightened. We monitor your WAN, LAN and WiFi networks 24×7. If incidents occur, we will notify you immediately; often even before you have discovered an issue yourself. Changes, incident and event management, security services; iunxi ensures that everything is carried out on time and professionally, in consultation with your own IT team.

be more in control over your ict infrastructure

We apply strict processes and procedures at a high level of security and provide efficiency and continuity. This way, disruptions are detected proactively and followed up as agreed. The continuity of your services must never be jeopardised. Thanks to our high level of network expertise and ample experience, iunxi is able to provide its services to a diversity of customers; whether it concerns a more basic environment of an SME or the complex, demanding infrastructure of a large hospital. To ensure a safe, stable and reliable network, iunxi is the place to be.

opting for iunxi Infrastructure Management means opting for:

  • infrastructural & operational excellence

    A managed environment and control of your ICT infrastructure. iunxi has its own customer portal giving you real-time insight into all activities. iunxi acts as your technical conscience and makes the smartest choices in conjunction with you.

  • network optimalisation & control

    The complexity of a modern IT environment requires specialist knowledge. iunxi helps where necessary: design, implementation or optimisation of your corporate network. iunxi supports your IT team in managing the ICT environment.

  • security

    IT security is present in every layer of your network and revolves around external AND internal processes.
 Appropriate security of your corporate network and supervision of your most critical data. Firewall clustering, access control and increasing awareness.


Whether it is a relatively basic environment of an average SME or a complex and demanding international environment, iunxi knows how to realise smart and innovative solutions at a European level.