managed services

blind op uw netwerken vertrouwen;
u wilt continuïteit zonder omkijken

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic process and ICT must keep pace with it. In this day and age, ICT is becoming increasingly important and complex and it is no longer feasible for organisations to have all knowledge in-house 24×7. Logically, specialist ICT activities are outsourced; after all, a safe and properly functioning infrastructure is vital. iunxi managed services takes care of the entire infrastructure: we take responsibility for all connections, hardware, services and support. We monitor the infrastructure that we have designed for you 24×7 (including WAN, LAN and WiFi networks). If incidents do occur, our specialists are already working on the solution often before you even realise there’s a problem. Changes, incident and event management, security services; iunxi takes care of it and makes clear agreements with you as part of a Service Level Agreement. After all, you called us so can rely on your networks blindly.

iunxi’s Managed Services take it a step further

You want functionality and you want to make sure that your corporate network won’t let you down. iunxi’s Managed Services are characterised by a unique infrastructural approach. Smart technology, a valuable network and the right expertise mean we guarantee maximum availability. iunxi keeps full control of your corporate network and ensures that cloud and data centre facilities and all network equipment remain up and running. Because iunxi takes over and manages all these matters for you, we can intervene immediately in the case of unforeseen issues and respond quickly to get a new network up and running. We have the right connections for this, but are absolutely independent and flexible. iunxi is your only permanent point of contact when it comes to your ICT infrastructure. This way, we take over full responsibility and care that managing a modern and secure ICT environment requires and you get the quality that does justice to the importance of the corporate network for your organisation.

Opting for iunxi management services means opting for:

  • high availability & high performance

    Guaranteed continuity and availability of your corporate network. Single point of contact and no more worries about your infrastructure. The iunxi processes and procedures provide a high level of security to ensure efficiency and continuity.

  • connectivity

    Providing international offices with secure connections to your corporate network. Keeping the cloud, data centre and network equipment up and running. Optimal use of the availability and capacity of your existing network.

  • de iunxi way

    Taking advantage of the benefits and stability of the iunxi international service provider network. You give iunxi full responsibility and you get maximum functionality and availability. With technology as our driving force and creativity in our approach, we achieve the best result.


Whether it is a relatively basic environment of an average SME or a complex and demanding international environment, iunxi knows how to realise smart and innovative solutions at a European level.