Oak Tree Hill Capital invests in iunxi

to position the organization for future growth and development

"We are marking a great moment in our journey, but at the same time, we are excited about the next phase in which we can innovate our product portfolio and strengthen our market position."

- Marcel Knol, co-founder of iunxi

Today, Oak Tree Hill Capital announced that they have signed an agreement to become the new majority shareholder of iunxi, a specialist in the field of infrastructure. With their extensive expertise in connectivity, security, data communication, ICT infrastructure, and networks, iunxi has built a solid reputation in the industry. With Oak Tree Hill as a partner and investor, iunxi can further shape its growth strategy and fulfill its mission to bring insight, control, and reliability to complex IT infrastructure.

platform for further growth

In the market, there is a growing need to address the responsibilities and challenges of ICT management together with a strategic partner. iunxi largely offers its knowledge and experience in infrastructure, security, data communication, and networks through managed services. This allows customers to continue relying on secure and well-functioning digital environments.

about Oak Tree Hill Capital

Oak Tree Hill is an independent investor focusing on platform investments. They embrace compassion as a guiding principle for their investments. By placing compassion, empathy, and understanding at the forefront, they aim to develop businesses, promote growth, improve employee well-being, and build strong relationships with customers, stakeholders, and society as a whole.

Oak Tree Hill was advised in this transaction by Wave Corporate Finance, Treble Legal and Van Oers Corporate Finance. iunxi was advised by MTH, Moore Corporate Finance and Bunders Lok Advocaten.